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Our Story

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Welcome to Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre! We are a Cork ETB educational facility connecting the community with the great outdoors since 1976. Located on St. John's Hill in Kinsale, our unique location provides opportunities for Outdoor Education and adventure activities such as sailing, kayaking, environmental education and much more. Our core programmes are focused on personal and community development, including Youthreach, Go Adventure and the Young Mariners initiative. We are proud to offer high-quality provision and training across all of our learner-base. Our range of inclusive activities and adapted programmes cater to a wide variety of needs, ensuring safe and educational experiences for all our participants. Our highly trained and qualified staff strive to provide fun, safe, educational, and memorable experiences for people of all ages. Our mission is to promote outdoor learning and foster a love for nature with the highest safety standards as our baseline. We take pride in being a trusted provider of high-quality programs and services.

                                           We look forward to welcoming you to our centre soon!

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