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Our sailing courses up to 5 days sailing courses starting from the Age 10+ and are being run to Irish Sailing Foundation qualified standards. 


BE AWARE every Student attending an Irish Sailing Course needs to be

PRE-REGISTERED with the NEW Irish Sailing Passport System.


Sail Expedition

(1 night camping)


Sailing Squib.jpg

Start Sailling


Basic Skills 1 & 2


Improving Skills


Advanced Boat Handling


The Sailing Expedition is 3 day camp with a focus on taking a journey outside of Kinsale Harbour. Day one will be spent preparing for the expedition taking in skills such as navigation, sailing and campcraft. Day two sees the group leave the harbour and sail to a camping area for the night, having fun and learning valuable skills along the way. The group will sail back on day three, completing their expedition.

Enter the world of sailing. On this beginners course, you will be taught the basics of sailing, wind awareness, boat control, rigging, knots and more.

Build on your beginner sailing knowledge to become a more independent and confident sailor. On this course, learn more technical skills and manoeuvre such as; coming alongside, rescuing man over boards, using sail setting and trim improve your boat performance. In addition, advance your theory knowledge with more understanding of weather, tides and rigging.

Sharpen your sailing skills, fine tune your boat performance and develop your theoretical knowledge on this course. Experience a deeper understanding of sailing as you learn to sail rudderless, use every part of the rigging to your advantage and practice advanced manoeuvres such as sailing backwards and anchoring.

Fine tune all the skills learnt on the previous courses to advance to a fully independent, competent sailor. Learn to sail to boat effectively in all conditions. Integrate all aspects of sailing, rigging, tide and weather to tactfully to produce smooth, confident sailing.

Go Racing

Add a challenge to your sailing. Learn the rules of racing, practice tactics and receive coaching to optimise boat performance.

Kites & Wires

Enjoy a new part of sailing and get the thrill of flying a spinnaker and trapezing!

Sail Club

Open to new members who have completed a beginners sailing course up to an advanced level. All welcome. Have fun on the water using, Omega’s, Bahia's, Vibes, Vision, Squibs & Toppers.

Sail Clinic


Improve your already existing skills

Adult Sail & Powerboat

adults only


This 2 week course is aimed at adults who may be complete beginners or have a little sailing or powerboating done before. Tuesdays and Thursdays (over 2 weeks) Instructors will teach you how to helm and sail a boat in Kinsale Harbour. Safety equipment provided, just wrap up warm.  Beginners-Intermediate

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