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General Courses


We also offer a range of supporting courses that assist people on their way to becoming Outdoor Instructors.

Please contact us by phone or email regarding bookings. 

Safeguarding 1 - Code of Ethics 


First Aid Course



IACP Skills & Rescue Award

Family Camping Skills

This 3 hour standardised course is mandatory for adults working with young people or vulnerable adults. It is often a pre-requirement for anyone working towards an Instructorship.

From time to time we offer Remote Emergency Care first aid courses to assist trainee instructors on their way to becoming fully qualified. If you have a group that may need a First Aid Course or you would like to put your name down for a course, please do contact us.

We can organise the Department of Transport approved DSC VHF Course. This is a very useful training course and qualification taking to the sea in particular for Sea Kayakers, Powerboat operators and all Sailors.

A two day training course. Upon successful completion, participants will be certified to the Skills & Rescue standard. This award is the prerequisite to attending the Leader Award training.

With more and more Irish Families taking to the Outdoors, Camping is often the most accessible way to get your children experiencing new adventures. Why not join us for a day and get some proper training in Campcraft such as the use of stoves, campfires and indeed the wide range of

Sit on Tops - Safety Skills


More and more Irish people have discovered the joys of Sit on Top Kayaking. We offer Safety training and great advice for those looking to take their first steps on the water. Sit on Top Kayaks can make the sport safe, accessible and a route to taking up further challenges on the water. We offer a one Safety Training Course which is ideal for new Kayak owners.

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