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Young Mariner Club


The Young Mariner Club is for former students of the Young Mariner Program to enhance and further develop their skills and qualifications.


- please note that the Young Mariner Club is fulled booked for the 2018 - 2019 term- 


What is the Young Mariner Club?

  • A progression from Young Mariner Program

  • A chance to maintain group contact & camaraderie

  • An opportunity to continue the variety of water-sports covered in YMP 

  • To choose & specialize in one chosen sport (sailing or kayaking)

  • To achieve an advanced skill level or qualification in their specific sport (sailing or kayaking)

  • To undertake ‘Instructor Pathway’ in chosen sport (if of correct age and skill level)

Programme Outcomes


  • Water confidence and skill level maintained across the sports

  • Progress in chosen sport (unique to individual)

  • A chance to obtain a qualification in sport preference (where appropriate)

  • Sailing: Assistant Dinghy Instructor or sit pre-entry/dinghy instructor course

  • Kayaking: Level 3 kayak Skills that could lead to Level 1 Instructorship

  • National Powerboating Certificate (Safety Boat)

  • The Gaisce / Presidents Award (Age dependent)

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