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Summer Adventure & Sailing Courses 2024


Over many years we have gained the reputation of running some of the most exciting Summer Courses in Cork. Many of our staff started out as children attending our summer courses and progressed  onto greater heights in Outdoor Education. You can be assured of your child's safety, enjoyment and learning will be central to the experience.

Summer programmes live from March 22 2024.


Kayak & Canoe Course

Ages: 12+

Junior Explore Kinsale

Ages: 8 to 10

Explore Kinsale

Ages: 10 to 12

Explore Kinsale

(1 night camping)

Ages 13-16

Sailing Courses


Ages: 10+

Sea 3.jpeg

Kayak/Canoe Camp is a week long skills programme whereby young people explore Kinsale Harbour and the surrounding areas in kayaks and canoes . Students will learn a variety of skills, gain confidence in their own ability, knowledge of the environment and have an amazing time along the way. At the end of the course, having successfully completed certain skills, participants will be presented with Canoeing Ireland certificates .

Explore Kinsale is an exciting summer course designed around fun, discovery and activity in the great outdoors. Develop new skills in kayaking, archery, body boarding, canoeing, orienteering, team building challenges, camp craft and more! Participants will be introduced to a wide variety of activities and environments, with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and build new skills. 

Explore Kinsale is a step up from the younger camps. Girls and boys will find themselves faced with more challenging activities to suit their age such as learning to helm a sailing boat, surf a wave, go for a journey in a kayak and build a Leave No Trace camp fire. Learn different skills through games and activities and have a great week doing it.

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Our Youth Expedition Summer Course is an ideal option for Teenagers. The start of the week, teenagers get to experience a number of activities such as climbing, kayaking, surfing, archery etc.. Mid week marks the start of the expedition where they will camp out for 1 night while undertaking an adventure journey in the Kinsale area. During their journey the teenagers will learn valuable campcraft skills, resilience, social development and gain knowledge and appreciation, of the surrounding environment. 

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We have a wide range of Irish Sailing approved skills courses available right throughout the Summer. We are an approved Training Centre and we supply all necessary equipment and a range of Sailing boats for these courses. 

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